What is Berks Real Estate Weekly?

Berks Real Estate Weekly (or BREW) is a FREE weekly consumer publication focused exclusively on real estate, unlike local newspapers, and is read by serious buyers and sellers.

BREW is also an awesome website: www.OpenHousesInBerks.com.

BREW is the most comprehensive, up-to-date digital & printed source of information on listed properties in Berks County, including properties in Chester, Lancaster, Montgomery & Schuylkill Counties.

BREW publishes 5,000 copies/week and is available at over 450 locations in Berks and surrounding counties.

BREW can be sent to out-of-town buyers at no charge when requested.

BREW has the perfect shelf life of 7 days. Long enough to be seen by thousands, but not so long that ads are outdated.

BREW is the only real estate resource that allows consumers to search every open house, every school district, every week!

NO other publication is a more accurate source of homes for sale!

“Why Advertise with Berks Real Estate Weekly?”

BREW promotes a positive perception of Real Estate & other issues concerning the Real Estate industry, with an exclusive partnership with your local Reading-Berks Association of REALTORS!

BREW is the most cost-effective advertising tool available for your listings, open houses, and personal promotions for both print & online exposure!

BREW can advertise your sellers’ properties as soon as you have an MLS # in TREND – the staff does the rest for you each & every week!

BREW’s skilled personnel can help you design your ads to fit your needs – no extra charge!

Most importantly, our goal at the Berks Real Estate Weekly is to assure we put your interests first and provide the best options for your marketing dollars!


Please contact Theresa Fross with any advertising questions at TheresaF@BerksRealEstateWeekly.com or 48-650-1717.