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R-BAR COVID-19 Information Center

This page will serve as a hub for information related to the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on real estate in Berks County. It will be updated immediately when new information is made available. Important: The situation regarding COVID-19 the Governor's orders is ongoing, and changes hour by hour. This information was last updated on Monday, April 20th at 8:30am.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please click the link that best describes your question:
How do I apply for unemployment, SBA grants, and other federal relief measures?
What resources are available for homeowners to help my clients get through this crisis?
Can I take on new clients? What about showings, open houses, and other listing activities?
How are closings affected? What about appraisals, inspections, and other important transaction services?
How do the Governor's orders affect my ability to manage property and lease units?
I need to renew my license / take my exam. What do I do?
What is my association doing to help my business and my clients during this crisis?

COVID-19 Addendum to the Agreement of Sale

PAR has published Form COVID, which allows the parties to agree that either is permitted to extend the Agreement of Sale if performance becomes impossible (and to then do the extension if necessary). They have also updated the Change in Terms Addendum (Form CTA), which can be used to extend any date or alter other terms of the Agreement by mutual consent of the parties.
Brokers may have developed their own forms with advice of brokerage counsel, but in no circumstances should licensees be writing their own addenda and engaging in the unlicensed practice of law.