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One of our Favorite Things Here at R-BAR

We are proud of this useful tool you can use in your house hunt!

Published Tuesday, June 25, 2019 8:00 am

Here's a tool you will find on our recently revamped website:  The "Search By School District" function.  We have built a web page which includes each and every Berks County school district.  When first beginning a home search, many families will first choose a school district, then choose a home within that district.  Constructed with this process in mind, our website will help you do just that.  

From the homepage, click on the "Search by School District" icon.  This page will show you a map of Berks County with color-coded school districts.  Scroll down a bit and you will see that each district has two links.  To learn about a particular district choose that school's mascot icon.  Each mascot icon will take you to the home page of that district's website.  Once there you can read all about the district you are interested in.  

If you already know which district you would like to live in, choose the corresponding blue-lettered link to see all properties available for sale within that district.  Property results may be viewed in list form or map form, flexibility that will be of use to both the Berks County resident and those who are moving into the area.  

We are happy to provide you with this unique feature and hope you will return again and again to our website as you search for a place to call home here in Berks County.