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Do It Local has Done It!

UPDATE: The First Batch of BREW Boxes Turned Kids Book Share Boxes Has Been Distributed!

Published Friday, October 11, 2019 8:00 am

UPDATE:  October 11, 2019




The folks who run the Do It Local App have successfully delivered their first five Kids Share Book Boxes!  They can be found at Sweet Ride Ice Cream, Exeter Family Restaurant, Hay Creek Snack Shack in Birdsboro, Grove Dental Group and The Works of Wyomissing.  The organization is looking for new and used children's books to fill the next batch of boxes.  If you can help, please drop off your books at Skin Sanctuary Spa in West Lawn, So Good Soups at Fairgrounds Farmer's Market and Shillington Farmer's Market, Weaver's Orchard, Thanx Hair Salon, Auntie Anne's in the Elverson Walmart, Hay Creek Snack Shack in Birdsboro.  


R-BAR is pleased to be a co-sponsor of this community outreach.



UPDATE:  August 6, 2019


We just received these gorgeous photos from Karen Deering of Lancaster, PA!  She and her husband transformed one of our dirty, unwanted newspaper boxes into something beautiful, full of books for young and old.  Way to be a good neighbor and pay it forward Karen! 


If you have photos of your upcycled BREW box, please share them with us, we would love to see the results!  

UPDATE:  June 9, 2019


Representatives from the Berks County Library System swung by the R-BAR offices this week to pick up 12 of these old newspaper boxes!  Plans for the boxes include a scrub down and a makeover, then they will be placed in underserved parts of Berks County!  Watch our website and the Library website for updates on this project.  


We still have many more on hand here at the office, with more waiting for pick up throughout the county.  Please let us know if you spot one for pick up! 


Since I first published this article, I have discovered a program similar to Little Free Libraries, called Little Free Pantries.  Follow the link for examples of how a bag of groceries and an old BREW box can bless your community...



The February, 2019 shuttering of "The Berks Real Estate Weekly" magazine, has left Berks County dotted with empty, white hunks of plastic that were once used as distribution boxes for the paper.  As a continuing commitment to our community, to our environment, and to our credo, "Realtors R Good Neighbors", we have begun efforts to collect these boxes and make them available to individuals, groups, businesses or non-profits for repurposing.

Below are some fresh ideas on how to reuse and recycle these boxes:


  • Use as Little Free Libraries/Book Exchanges. Libraries, community centers, Y’s, churches, diners, doctors’ offices, day cares, schools, and local literacy initiatives could all find use for these boxes.  We recently had a couple come in for two of these boxes.  They are setting up a Little Free Library in their cul-de-sac and are using one box for children's books and one for adult titles. 


  •  For Home Use:  book shelf, toy storage, wine rack, cooler, terrarium, turtle habitat, storage for shoes or gardening tools. 


  • On the Farm: Thinking of raising chickens?  We have the perfect nesting boxes for you. Or, use one as a produce exchange to share your excess bounty with friends and neighbors.  One box will hold a lot of zuchinnis!  


  • Out and About in the Community:  Agencies who service the homeless and/or financially struggling could place these boxes in strategic locations to serve those in need.  Contents of these boxes could include:  non perishable food items, grooming and hygiene items, blankets, clean socks, hats, gloves, etc..  Each box is made of heavy duty plastic, with ballast in the base.  Some have holes which can be used for bolting down or securing with cable or chain.  

How You Can Help: 

If you see one of these boxes sitting in front of your work building or outside of stores and businesses you frequent on a regular basis please email with the location. 

If you would like a box or two for your own use, please email in order to make pick up arrangements.  

Please pass word of the availability of these boxes onto friends, neighbors and community organizations so they can be redistributed and repurposed quickly. 

Your box can be spruced up with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, and some fresh paint. Once you have put it into use, please post a picture of your brand new creation on our Facebook page: Reading Berks Association of Realtors! 

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