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The Original Blockbuster Returns to the Big Screen this Month!

Why is a Blockbuster called a "Blockbuster?"

Published Friday, August 9, 2019 8:00 am

The term "blockbuster" originated in the second world war.  At that time, a blockbuster was considered to be a bomb that could, yes, bust a city block.  It became linked with the movie industry in the 1970's, i.e., pre-multiplex days, where each neighborhood had their own local theatre.(Think-- The State Theatre in Boyertown, PA.)  It was the summer of 1975 when Steven Spielberg made history with his beach-side horror classic.  The film grossed over $470 million dollars and laid the template for every summer blockbuster of every summer to come, right up to this summer's "Hobbs and Shaw".  But why was it called a "blockbuster?"  Because in the days before we could reserve our seats online, people had to line up outside and, yes, around the block to gain admission to the film everyone wanted to see.  

Summer is, of course, the season of The Blockbuster, but below I have collected some classics, indies and sleepers available at multiplexes and local theaters in Berks County, PA.


Fox Berkshire

Yesterday - now showing through 8/13/19

Hello Dolly!  50th Anniversary - 8/11/19 and 8/14/19

Back To The Future - 8/12/19

Rifftrax Live:  Giant Spider Invasion - 8/15/19

 A Boy Named Charlie Brown - 8/18/19 and 8/21/19

Jaws - 8/19/19

The Princess Bride - 8/21/19 (Fox East)

The Goonies - 8/26/19

My Neighbor Totoro (Studio Ghibli Fest) - 8/28/19

Snoopy, Come Home! - 8/29

AMC Fairgrounds 10

This Changes Everything - 8/9/19

Hello Dolly! - 8/11/19

Millenium Actress - 8/13/19

Blinded By The Light - 8/16/19

Overcomer - 8/22/19

My Neighbor Totoro - 8/25/19

Reading IMAX

Drum Corp International 2019 - 8/8/19

Woodstock - 8/15/19

Where'd You Go Bernadette? - 8/16/19

Blinded By The Light - 8/16/19


GoggleWorks Boscov Theatre


Toni Morrison:  The Pieces I Am - 8/9/19 - 8/15/19

The Strand in Hamburg 

Jailhouse Rock - 8/13/19

Facing the Giants - 8/27/19


 And don't forget about these amazing events still to come!

Bryan Adams

Local radio station Y102 is celebrating their birthday with Bryan Adams.  Buy yourself a ticket to this party!


Step into the Genesius Theatre time machine for a trip to 1920’s Chicago.  Listen to Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly tell you all about how “he had it coming all along”.