R-BAR Committees

As a member of the Association, you have the opportunity to build relationships with fellow Realtors® and Affiliate members by volunteering to serve your Association.  There are a variety of committees and we are always looking for new members to get involved.  Below are brief descriptions of the Association committees.

The following Committees are open to anyone.



Education Committee

Mission: To create and carry out plans for educational seminars, designation classes and new member orientation for the Association membership.


Sharon Kehres, Committee Chair 

 Mayleene DeFreece  - Staff Liaison 


Government Affairs Committee

Mission: To work with elected local, state, and federal officials to ensure that REALTORS®, homeowners, and private property owner’s rights are all upheld and protected and to raise funds for, and awareness of, the REALTORS® Political Action Committee. Educate members and monitor local, state and national issues that affect the real estate industry.


Victoria Venezia, Committee Chair 

Wes Stefanick  - Staff Liaison 



Entertainment Committee

Mission: To make and execute plans for the Association’s social events and membership meetings. An emphasis will be placed on events that will promote and enhance the awareness of a positive image of REALTORS® and Affiliate Members.


Jerry Amadio, Committee Chair 

 Kathy Stoica  - Staff Liaison 



Outreach Committee

Mission: To plan, implement and participate in public service projects and functions. To enhance the positive perception and public awareness of REALTORS® and the value and benefit of their services. To provide support to relevant charities and community programs.


Jack Evans, Committee Chair 

 Kathy Stoica  - Staff Liaison 



Member Benefit Committee

Mission: To evaluate and secure member benefits among local and national companies, including, but not limited to, technology and tools to enhance professionalism and increase efficiencies in Members' respective real estate practice.



  Pete Gustis, Committee Chair 

   Wes Stefanick  - Staff Liaison 



Newsletter Committee

Mission: To develop articles and editorials for the “Property Lines” publication .


 Lorrayne Klahr, Committee Chair 

  Kathy Stoica - Staff Liaison 



Commercial & Industrial Council

Mission: To provide education, exchange of information, mutual cooperation and fellowship of these  REALTORS engaged in buying, selling, exchanging, managing and appraising land and building to general industry, business and commerce.

  Kirsten Deysher - Chair 

   Andrew Roland - Vice Chair

  Jim Adams - Secretary

   Wes Stefanick  - Staff Liaison 



The following Committees require participants to be member of R-BAR for at least three years as well as attendance of annual training.

Both Committees  includes appointed Members on the PAR statewide Cooperative Panelist Pools

Professional Standards Committee

Mission: To review complaints from the membership and public, take action in accordance with NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual and hold hearings and arbitrate disputes when needed through the PAR Professional Standard Cooperative.



 Denise Commings - Committee Co-Chair 






Joseph Peterson - Committee  Co-Chair 



 vacant  - Staff Liaison

The following Committees require participants to be directly appointed by R-BAR President or Treasurer.

Finance Committee

Mission:  To review and monitor spending policy and budget and provide financial advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning current and future Board operations and planning.



CJ Levan - Committee  Chair 

vacant  - Staff Liaison



BREW Ops Committee

Mission:  To provide  advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning current and future operations and planning of the Buyer Real Estate Weekly.


Gregg Guydish - Committee  Co-Chair 





Jerry Buffa - Committee  Co-Chair 

vacant  - Staff Liaison



You can fill out and return this Committee Sign Up Form to the Association Office by e-mail or fax to get involved! 

Contact Kathy Stoica at kathys@realestateinberks.com for more information.


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