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Advertising Rules

Remember the following important rules when advertising a listing:

  • Be sure to use your name as you have it registered on your license.
  • If you do not use the actual agency logo, you must type it out as stated on the logo.
  • Ads must have name and telephone number of the broker, and the broker’s information must be at least equal or greater size to the licensee's information.

For complete rules from the PA Real Estate Commission regarding Advertising visit their website: 

 Remember the following rules when using the REALTOR® logo:

  • Rules of the REALTOR® logo   apply to all media: signs, newspaper ads, letterhead, flyers, websites, texts, tweets, emails.
  • You may only use the REALTOR®    marks and logo in connection with your name and real estate business to identify you are a member of NAR.
  • This Trademark also specifies that you subscribe to a strict Code of Ethics.
  • The logo may never be distorted or altered.
  • Do not eliminate any parts of the logo such as the term REALTOR®.
  • Only members of NAR, which include all trade associations, may use this logo.

For complete rules on using the REALTOR logo visit NAR's website: