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The Reading-Berks Association of REALTORS® (R-BAR) Annual Sponsorship Program is a comprehensive program for real estate-affiliated businesses interested in maintaining quality relationships within the industry.
The R-BAR Annual Sponsorship Program incorporates event sponsorships, advertising, marketing, business presentations, and networking opportunities for an all-inclusive package. To ensure a good fit for every company, the program is tiered to meet your company’s needs. 
Each tier offers different levels of advertising, email marketing, member networking, and event participation.  R-BAR has a myriad of communication methods in which we can share your company brand to reach our 1,000+ members multiple times throughout the year.

Please email or call (610) 375-8458 for more information or to ask for an R-BAR Annual Sponsorship Application.

Check out the 2021 Program HERE!
*As an annual sponsor, you may list multiple office members to receive regular communications and invitations to R-BAR events.