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Mediation - Home Buyer/Home Seller DRS

What is Mediation?
Mediation is a cost effective alternative to litigation. Mediation brings parties together with an impartial third party, who is a trained professional (the mediator) to resolve their dispute and reach a mutually agreeable solution.

Mediation is:

Less expensive than litigation. Typically each party in the mediation pays a non-refundable administrative fee and the parties share the mediator fee. The cost to each party ranges from $250 - $550 for a three hour conference.
Faster than litigation. Typically a mediation conference can be scheduled less than 30 days from the initial request.
Less confrontational than litigation. In mediation, the parties are assisted by the mediator to reach a conclusion that is satisfactory to both.

Who are the Mediators for R-BAR?
Mediators in the Home Sellers/Home Buyers Dispute Resolution System (DRS) are licensed attorneys or licensed agents or brokers who have received formal training as DRS Mediators and agree to participate in the program.

Where can the buyer or seller get more information on mediation?
The Introduction, Guide to Initiating, and Rules and Procedures for Dispute Resolution brochure is available below.  You can encourage your client to contact the association office if they have questions.

Dispute Resolution System Brochure

Dispute Resolution System Process

For more information on mediation and dispute resolution or to initiate the dispute resolution system process, please contact Lisa Aaron at the Pennsylvania Association of REALTORS at 1-800-555-3390 ext. 3004.

List of Qualified Mediators
R-BAR has a list of qualified mediators that participate in the DRS process. Please review the list and place a check next to the name of any mediator who you feel may not serve as an objective third party. It is important the mediator does not have a personal or business relationship with either of the parties to the mediation. When the mediator is assigned both parties will be contacted to set a place and time to conduct the mediation conference. The cost of the mediator, generally between $250-$500, is typically shared by the two parties.

List of Qualified Mediators