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Dial Lock Box (LBD)

R-BAR price - $25.25 (plus tax) 

Push Button Lock Box (LBPB)

R-BAR price - $28.50 (plus tax)



Red or Blue available

R-BAR price - $5.95 (plus tax)

 St. Joseph Statue (STJOE, STJOS)

English & Spanish available

R-BAR price - $5.95



Lead Paint Booklet (LPB)

R-BAR price - $0.49 each (plus tax)


Lead Paint Booklet (Pack of 50) (LPBP)

R-BAR price - $20.00 (plus tax)

Brochure Box (BBSET)

R-BAR price - $14.95 (plus tax)

Laser Dimension Master (LDM)

R-BAR price - $33.95 (plus tax)

Prices and product availability are subject to change without notice.

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