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Commercial & Industrial Council

The Commercial and Industrial Council (CIC) is an organization that provides for the education, exchange of information, mutual cooperation, and fellowship for those REALTORS® and associate members engaged in buying, selling, leasing, exchanging, managing, and appraising land and buildings to general industry and business.

CIC members are licensed Realtors® in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. As a result they can help companies and individuals find or sell a location anywhere in the state, but generally concentrate their services in Berks County. Using tools of the trade, they can market the properties they list nationwide, thereby bringing interested parties from all over the country to the table on their client’s behalf.

CIC members have the contacts to bring buyers and sellers together, the negotiation skills to expedite the transaction, the knowledge to know when to bring in other professionals (e.g. environmental specialists, financial advisors, etc.), and the experience to ensure everything gets done right to facilitate the desired purchase or sale. In fact, CIC members are some of the most experienced real estate persons in Berks County, able to count the time they have been involved in commercial real estate not in years, but in decades.

The next time you are going to be involved in a commercial real estate transaction, remember that a CIC member can help you with everything from leasing a small storefront, to locating a viable investment property, to acquiring a historic office building for refurbishing, to finding a site for building a state-of-the-art industrial plant. To benefit from the expertise a CIC member can offer you (and your company), make certain that your first call is to one of the CIC professionals to ensure that you are represented by the best in the business.

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Become a CIC Member

Membership in the CIC is available to REALTORS® or affiliated members of the Reading-Berks Association of  REALTORS®. Membership dues are $35 for R-BAR members. If you are not a member or affiliate of R-BAR, CIC-only membership dues is $75.

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Membership Benefits

As a member of CIC, you will have access to a network of individuals in the commercial real estate market.

The CIC members meet monthly to discuss various commercial and industrial opportunities in the area. These meetings are also an opportunity for professional training and development. As a member of CIC, you will also have access to the R-BAR Municipal Database, a vast source of information on municipal laws and ordinances, including land use zoning, regulations, property taxes, and other issues related to commercial and industrial real estate.

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