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Meet the R-BAR Staff

The Reading-Berks Association of REALTORS®, Inc., Real Estate in Berks (Cornerstone Publications, Inc.), and R-BAR Care, Inc. are served by four staff members. For specific contact information, we have included a directory of staff below. 

Brittney Baker Shurr

Association Executive

Liaison to:

R-BAR Board of Directors | Cornerstone Publications Board of Directors | R-BAR Care Board of Directors

Real Estate Ambassadors | Finance Committee | Nominating Committee

Professional Standards Committee | Bylaws Review Task Force | 100 Year Anniversary Task Force


Courtney Dombrowski 

Manager of Marketing and Communications

Property Lines Newsletter, Real Estate in Berks E-Flyers, Web advertisements

John Savant

Director, Government and Community Affairs

Liaison to:

Government Affairs Committee | Commercial & Industrial Council


Kathy Stoica

Director, Operations and Events 

REALTOR Membership

Liaison to: 

Entertainment Committee | Outreach Committee | 5K Task Force



 Reading-Berks Association of REALTORS®

Phone: (610) 375-8458 | Fax: (610) 375-6298



Real Estate in Berks (Cornerstone Publications, Inc.)