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My Trip to San Francisco...

 You may be thinking these conferences are not for you. Actually, I had found most of the sessions I attended were designed with you in mind. 

Features Homebuyers Want in Their Next Home

It may be cold outside, but some buyers are dreaming of those summer nights in the backyard.

5 Things To Know About Bright's Off-MLS Policy

The goal of the policy is to end the practice of pocket listings. Pocket listings remain one of the most pressing issues facing our industry today.  It withholds information from consumers, stifles competition in the marketplace, and disrupts cooperation between professionals - while also challenging the spirit of our fair housing laws.   Here is the new policy: 

Hire or DIY? What skills do you have?

Can you change a flat tire? Write a check? Connect a bluetooth device?

Notes From Your Association Executive

Bylaws amendments and new builders/remodelers council!

Will Homebuying Get Easier? Most Prospective Buyers Say No

Sixty-eight percent of buyers said that they believe finding a house will become more difficult or stay at the same level of difficulty in the coming months. 

R-BAR’s Tradition of Giving 

That's Who We R!  R-BAR’s Tradition of Giving 


Winter 2019 President's Pen

What an amazing year! 

Lead Generation Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune, Expert Says

Are your go-to methods of finding new clients getting stale?


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