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Calming buyers' nerves

Buying a home is typically the biggest transactions a person makes in their lifetime.

Growing LGBT market fear discrimination in homebuying process


Since same-sex marriage was legalized three years ago, the numbers of LGBT couples who own their own home has increased to 73 percent, according to a recent study by Freddie Mac.

How equity loans can harm homeowners

To a homeowner who needs some extra money, an equity loan may seem like a good idea.

Homeowners see rise in equity

Across the country, for the year of 2018, the average homeowner increased their equity by about $9,700. In Pennsylvania, it was around $7,000.

Moving back home: Many young adults return to live in their parents' homes after breakups

Why do most younger adults who move back in with their parents choose to do? Losing a job or maybe to save money?

More people confident about buying, housing markets in 2019

Thirty-six percent of Americans report they plan to buy a home in the next five years, which is an increase of 4 percent year-to-year.

Seller Disclosure overhaul

The Seller Disclosure Law and the property disclosure statement, also known as PAR Form SPD, generate most of the questions to the legal hotline, and it’s no wonder why!

What if?

These two words are the start of many questions by those who draft contracts, including agreements for the sale of real estate.  

More older adults choosing renting over buying

It turns out Generation Z and millennials aren’t the only ones who are signing apartment leases these days.


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