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R-BAR Committees




Can you inspire others?


It's time to join other industry professionals making positive changes!


Volunteering on a committee allows you the opportunity to become an influential leader for your community and profession.  You will be able to build relationships with fellow REALTORS® and Affiliate members by serving as a conduit and providing input on what REALTORS® need, how you can help your community, and stay up to date on government issues that affect the real estate industry.  There are multiple opportunities for you to step into here at R-BAR and we welcome you to visit any committee you may be interested in before committing to where you will be best suited to participate.  Take the lead today and make a difference! 

The following Committees are open to anyone.


Create & carry out plans for educational seminars, designation classes, & new member orientation.

Committee typically meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 2PM.

2020 Committee Chair: Jenniffer Jimenez

2020 Committee members:  Brandon Lesagonciz, Sharon Kehres, Angela Tolosky, Erica Ramus, Lorrayne Klahr, David Renninger, Eleanor Weber, Heidi Wosak, Cathy Sloan, Carmen Chiumento

Staff Liaison: Mayleene DeFreece –


Executes plans for social events and membership meetings, promoting a positive REALTOR image.

The committee typically plans the following Annual events:  Annual Breakfast/Brunch, Annual Picnic, Golf Tournament and Holiday Luncheon.

Committee typically meets on the second Monday of the month at 2PM.

2021 Committee Chair: Debra Konowal.

2020 Committee members:  Lora Evans, Leo Harvey, Tyler Miller, Lacey Pennypacker, Steve Trego, Jamie Tritz, Erica Wennell.

Staff Liaison:  Kathy Stoica –



Works with local, state & federal officials to ensure the REALTORS, Homeowners, & private property owners rights are all upheld & protected.  Fundraise & promote awareness of the REALTORS Political Action Committee. 



To plan & implement public service projects & functions.  Enhance the positive perception & public awareness of REALTORS and the value of their services.  To provide support to relevant charities & community programs.

The committee typically plans the following projects:  Easter Basket for Berks, Blood Drive, Annual Shredding Event, Food Drive, Meals on Wheels for Thanksgiving Day, Angel Tree gifts for the Children’s Home and R-BAR REALTOR® Ring Day. 2021 At a Glance

Committee typically meets on the second Monday of the month at 1PM.

2021 Committee Chair: Jack Evans.

2021 Committee members:  Sue Bernhard, Alyssa Damiani, Tina Hogue, Deb Konowal, Tyler Miller, Erica Wennell (Vice Chair).

Staff Liaison:  Kathy Stoica –




Identifies diversity, equity and inclusion challenges of minority members and develops actions to address these concerns

    • Expands knowledge of fair housing laws and protections through educational opportunities and partnerships
    • Cultivates diverse leadership & an inclusive environment to best serve and represent the demographics of our communities and the membership at large
    • Advocates for the interests of all consumers as it relates to the real estate industry
    • Connects consumers to local fair housing resources, access and opportunities
    • Serves as an ambassador to minority real estate organizations in Berks County


The following Committees require participants to be members of R-BAR for at least three years as well as annual training.

The following Committees require participants to be directly appointed by R-BAR President or Treasurer.

 Both Committees include appointed Members on the PAR statewide Cooperative Panelist Pools.


  • Reviews monthly financial reports
  • Monitors association spending policy
  • Oversees annual budget preparation

This committee meets monthly to provide financial advisement and recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding operations and planning.


  • Reviews potential ethics violations submitted by members of the association and/or consumers
  • Holds hearings and arbitrates disputes when warranted
  • Determines appropriate disciplinary action in accordance with the NAR Code of Ethics and Arbitration Manual


For additional information or to sign up for a committee please email